About the PFC


This all started in 2010 with 5 guys, (Brian Carlson, Eric Martin, George Myers, Tony Barton and Alex J), who were willing to be in a home grown version of the "Biggest Looser" TV show. As they went through a 12 Week Fitness and Food Challenge, faciltated by Denise Gaylord, and filmed by Daniel Llata, in front of neighbors and friends in Provincetown, Massachusetts lots of challenges and success's showed up, and Provincetown watched on the local TV station, PTV.
Provincetown is a small tourist town at the edge of the world, so in the winter, they got alot of attention as they took off shirts for body fat readings and tried new ways to exercise all while people watched to see if they got more fit and looked healthier.

There are 12 Thirty minute shows that you can watch online by just clicking below.
The episodes are in order of events as they happened, as this brave group ran through grocery isles and raced their dogs to work, all with the goals of getting stronger.
It seems a whole town then got inspired as the following year of 2012, as almost 100 people showed up to partake in a similar challenge 12 Week Challenge.
The story of "How a Town Gets Challenged" in 2012 - is shown in a sixty minute story, also documented on this link.

In 2014 the story is yet to be written. Perhaps you are in it.