Frequently asked questions:

Q: What is the Challenge?
A: To write in your journal for 70 days all the foods you eat and also all the exercise you do daily. (Sundays are a free day- no writing or exercising necessary). The challenge will be to see if you can improve your personal levels in strength, endurance and flexibility. To achieve your personal goals- the goals you have chosen during your intake process.
This will follow suggestions made toward your particular body's story. Also to get your heart rate lower by March 22, as well as to impact your AFTER pictures.

Q: How do I win at this Challenge?
A: Finishing the 10 weeks is one way. Decide if you have it in you to commit to 10 Weeks - even without perfection perhaps. It takes 90 days to start to create a habit, so this will take some success and some bumps on your part. The bumps will actually be useful info to overcoming any hurdles.
There will be PRIZES given in MARCH for the top INDIVIDUAL STAR WINNERS. The most IMPROVED in each FITNESS category will be a BLUE RIBBON WINNER.

Q: Do I have to be videotaped for tv?
A: No.

Q: Do I have to be on Facebook?
A: No.

Q. Do I have to have my BEFORE and AFTER PICTURES taken?
A. Yes. They will be done in private, and given to you personally at a later date.

Q: Do I have to get a physical?
A: You will sign a release form that says you have been released for exercise by a medical doctor.

Q: How will I be instructed?
A: You will be given a written intake when you sign up, and then asked to state 3 measureable goals. (You can get help with this!) There will be meeting times at the Provincetown Library in the winter of 2013 to help you prepare.
Once you sign up there will be "office hours" at both gyms to help you with face to face with your personal workout issues.
There will be a community blog with common questions and answers availible to participants only.
There will be fitness professionals throughout town that can be hired separately, (see PRICE page), or will be runnng the FREE days or CHALLENGE events. There will be a Saturday weekly class at location TBA, followed by a Q & A session each Saturday as well.

Q: How do I join?
A: You can sign-up today online, and you MUST register on Saturday January 4th for an hour process between 10am & 1pm at the Veterans Memorial School. It will take about an hour for registration, testing and pictures.
You MUST be at the sign-up day of January 4th, 2014, at the Veterans Elementary School, even if you pre-pay online.
On Saturday January 4th you will be tested physically and your BEFORE pictures are taken and your waist measurement taken.

Q: What can I expect to happen in the 10 weeks?
A: Your results are based on your efforts and your original fitness levels. Results will vary and you will never know really until till you apply yourself.

Q: What do I get?
A: Check out our page entitled “What Do I Get”. One thing you will be given are discounts at local year round places including Mussel Beach and the Provincetown Gym- (Click on Gym name or call for specials) !
There are also specific FREE days at Provincetown Gym, Ebb & Flow Pilates Studio, Strength and Clarity Pilates and Movement, and Mussel Beach Health Club ! Check out the calendar pages.

Q: Do I have to belong to a gym?
A: No, there will be fitness events throughout town and FREE events throughout town all week, BUT it will add to your fitness experience greatly if you do belong to a gym, and they are offering some great prices to compliment the PFC.